Water Damaage Restoration Do's and Don'ts 101 

Water Damage Restoration
You come in and find the place looks like Niagara Falls and you are thrust into the water damage restoration process. You now find yourself in a position in which you need to assess the value as well as the importance of each and every item effected by the water damage. When the majority, if not all, of your belongings have been destroyed by such water damage, it may be emotionally difficult to determine which items you want to salvage. Intellectually you know that keeping water damaged things that are beyond repair or water damaged things that may not have any further use is impractical and will just cost you a lot of storage space and money but the personal value of family heirlooms is priceless. Still you should strive to be extremely practical throughout the water damage restoration process so as you will be able to quickly and effectively reorganize your life back to its pre-water damage normalcy.

Foods And Perishables
Water damaged foods and other water damaged perishables that have been soiled via direct water contact, in most cases, should not be consumed and must be disposed of properly. Broken tableware including cups, glasses, and other kitchen tools that have come into contact with black water damage should be discarded as the affected item is, most likely, not fit or sanitary enough to be used.

Avoid These Items
Do not operate any of your electrical appliances when dealing with water damage. It can be extremely dangerous to operate any of your electrical appliances while standing on a wet carpet or water damaged floors! Your Blu-ray and HD television(s), DVR, TiVo, Google or Apple TV, Microsoft Windows and Apple computer(s), iPad(s), AT&T or Verizon iPhone(s), iPod(s), Amazon Kindle, Nintendo Wii, Microsoft X-Box, Kinect, Sony Playstation, recent E-Bay purchases, and the rest of your electrical appliances need to be checked first by a professional technician before you are able to determine which still function and can be kept and which items need to be replaced. Likewise, you should check your annual passes to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, Daytona International Speedway, NASCAR, and Busch Gardens and your advance or one day tickets to the Blue Man Group and Cirque du Soleil to ensure these items did not succumb to the water damage else you may have to call their customer service lines for replacements.

Don't Clean Anything
Do not try to dry your house or building with a blower or any heat inducing item. Rather than eliminating or removing the standing water or excessive moisture that originated from the water damage, this do-it-yourself method will be the catalyst for the uncontrolled growth of mildew and mold and can spread the water further into the building which can result in even more moisture damage and a more entailed restoration process.

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