Water Damage of the Rich and Famous

Despite the house, the cost of the house, or even the architectural design of the house, no home is immune to the effects of water damage. It has been widely publicized that Pop sensation Rihanna is looking to short sale her 8,250 square foot, 8 bedroom, 10 bathroom, Beverly Hills home due to "extensive damage from moisture and water intrusion." Despite paying $6.9 million for the home about two years ago, the singer is looking to sell the home at a $2.5 million loss. Citing damage to, "but not limited to", the roof, windows, doors, and balconies, one would have to wonder who in their right mind would buy this home knowing what is already disclosed for any where near the amount offered?

While her asking price for this rapidly depreciating asset may be otherworldly, her desire to take the money and run is prudent. Not counting the money she is losing every moment professional corrective measures are not taken, or are delayed, thus allowing the water to continue to damage her home, the unseen damage is likely to be much more of a financial abyss then the immediate $2.5 million loss. It seems unlikely that this slow seeping water damage is acute so this damage has, most likely, been steadily increasing in volume for some time (a period most likely longer then her two year ownership) so the hidden damage can be extensive. Then there are the health considerations that run tangent to chronic water damage including toxic black mold. The inherent heath risks of black mold are well known and well documented and the chances for Rihanna's home being a black mold hotspot are good.

For the record, we take nothing at face value and have found the actual listing online. While Rihanna's home is quite a bargain, considering and compared to similar listings in the Beverly Hills area, and her full disclosure is admirable, we feel the chances of the house being sold "As-Is" with " EXTENSIVE damage from moisture AND water intrusion" and with "encroachment issues and other problems" is limited.

At this point, we feel, the only way for Rihanna to stem the financial loss she continues to incur is by using an independent water damage restoration company to mitigate the damages and stop the water damage at its source. Hiring a professional, certified independent water damage restoration company is a prudent financial step as such company can restore the home to its preloss condition thereby negating the immediate $2.5 million loss which could allow Rihanna's undervalued home, for the market it is in and based on comparables, to achieve its true value and sell for much more than $4.5 million.

Best wishes Rihanna.

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