Top Ten Risks of NOT using an
Independent Water Damage Restoration
Company to mitigate your Water Damage

1. The adjuster preferred company may finish and leave the job by extracting the top water while leaving your asset saturated with absorbed and ingrained moisture.

2. The adjuster preferred company may be a national franchise whose interests are on selling franchises.

3. A franchisee may be, and usually is, only trained per the guidelines of franchisor's "accelerated" training program which, in most cases, fails to meet the extensive and encompassing hands-on experience and continuing education requirements an independent restoration company must endure and maintain in order to achieve and retain professional industry certifications and recognition.

4. The adjuster preferred company gets work and maintains its "preferred status" solely by doing the minimal amount of work required for the lowest possible cost in order to appease the adjuster whose interests are solely to minimize the insurance company payout by any and all means necessary.

5. Such means are well documented and include many bad faith and psychological manipulation tactics.

6. One such mean is the insurance company making it seem that the hiring of an adjuster preferred company is a legal requirement - it is only a requirement if it is a stipulated tenant of the written policy - so that the adjuster preferred company can continue to provide its lowball and low quality work.

7. It is interesting to speculate that some of the bad faith interrogation and psychological manipulating tactics are borderline violations of humanitarian guidelines as written in documents including the Geneva Conventions so the insurance company and adjuster are trained to deploy such tactics subtly and quietly.

8. The benefit of such lowball and low quality work is that, to the naked eye and to the uninformed yet trusting consumer, the visible and obvious water is gone so the threat and damage is gone as well - as it is assumed and conveyed by the adjuster; however, the remaining moisture can deteriorate into structural damage, mold and health issues, and, at worst, asset condemnation. Should any of these maladies manifest, the insurance company can deny the new claim citing previous water damage thereby dodging the asset replacement costs while minimizing the initial remediation costs.

9. Insurance companies, including their agents, employees, and management, are for profit companies who continue to make their obscene and elevated profit margins and bonuses by doing everything they can to ensure money comes in but it does not go out - except to their pockets.

10. Make no mistake about it... the insurance companies ARE hitting and maintaining their profit margins and bonuses by feverously and dogmatically employing such tactics - even it an economy in which it seems that so many people are on hard times that such achievements are unprecedented and impossible. There is no secret or magic formula... such "achievements" are obtained by charging more while paying out less.

This article is composed by and offered as a public service by Jimmy K.
Jimmy K is the Independent Owner and Operator of
Emergency Response Restoration
2665 N Atlantic Avenue, Daytona Beach, FL 32118.
Jimmy K is a true consumer advocate who is not afraid to battle the insurance company
to ensure the proper restoration of the consumer's water damaged home office or asset.