Water Damage Causes:
Air Conditioner Leak

In our line of work, and in our area of the county, we commonly come across water damage that is caused due to an air conditioner breakage, leakage, or failure. While the underlying reasoning for such accidents are irrelevant in the scope of this article, for those of us in the warmer climates, air conditioning is a necessity... NOT a luxury. Since such air conditioning malfunctions are fairly commonplace, we herein present some simple suggestions to limit your exposure to such risks.

* Clean or Replace Air Filters Monthly
* Feel for Cold Air coming from visible Ducts or around the Unit
* Listen for any Unusual or Out-of-Place Sounds
* Ensure that the Overflow Sensor is working
* Check the Drain Lines to verify they are clear
* Make sure the AC Unit is serviced regularly

The benefits of adhering to these simple suggestions include enhanced overall air conditioning system efficiency, reduced cooling and maintenance costs, and ongoing comfort but let's face it, while these benefits are great, money is tight and many people are doing less routine and preventative maintenance in order to retain more of their hard earned money. While there are areas in which financial cost reductions are reasonable and prudent, the potential tradeoff for skipping ac maintenance can not only result in water damage but any short term savings can easily be offset by the displacement costs that water damage can cause. An inquisitive reader may question that last statement noting that such displacement costs are customarily reimbursed by their insurance policy, which is generally true, but such reimbursement may be subject to policy terms and limits and still require you to come out of pocket in order to be reimbursed thus far in excess of the simple maintenance cost of maintaining the ac unit. While we certainly appreciate and support fiducial prudence, in some cases, such prudence is best served by the counterintuitive method of spending a little to save a lot.

Unfortunately, the sad reality is that even if such measures are employed... water damage can, will, and still does happens. Despite all of your prudent preventative measures to prevent water damage, the list of potential sources for water damage intrusion is staggering. In the event that the reader is in need of a water damage restoration company, the BEST choice to protect your asset and restore your asset to its preloss condition is by using a professional, independent water damage restoration company. A professional, independent water damage restoration company is customer focused and gets its work through customer satisfaction and referrals but don't take my obviously biased word for it...

Make the prudent step and see for yourself why.

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