Water Damage Causes:

In the mind of a child, all things in or around water are wonderlands filled with magical creatures and limitless adventure. A kid could laugh merrily at the toy's struggle against the mighty toilet maelstrom and then do a belly flop into the tub turning the ordinary and boring bathroom into an enchanted land of rain and waterfalls. Who knows what wonders those shiny, oval shaped thingys behind the toilet are protecting or... hiding? The only way to find out is to take them off and bathe in the unexpected pleasure of an unknown shower. Unfortunately, the kids quickly learn that the innocent fantasy world they just enjoyed also creates strange reactions and verbiage from the adult who comes to discover the existence of such world.

To the adult, the toilet maelstrom is an expensive plumbing call if they cannot rescue the toy from becoming a huge block. The wonderland of rain and waterfalls is water strewn across the bathroom which needs to be cleaned up before it causes damage. The removed flow controls necessitate the immediate shut off of the water coming into the bathroom to cease the continual flow of water shooting onto the wall and covering anything and everything in the area. Parents just don't understand.

On the plus side, building designers understand that a bathroom is reasonably expected to have a higher level of water than other areas of the home and have taken prudent preventative measures to limit damage but none of these prudent measures will do anything should the water damage not be discovered until some time later. Here are some simple action points to limit the internal hurricane damage caused by Hurricane Playtime:

* ALWAYS be aware when any faucet is turned on and running
* Have some type of curtain or door to prevent splashed water from going everywhere
* Keep the area closest to the water well stocked with absorbent towels
* Pay attention to toilet flushing combined with excessive laughter or giggles
* Ask the child to see a toy that went into the bathroom but did not come out

Let's face it, we were all kids and watching SuperDooper Man battle the ferocious toilet maelstrom is pretty cool. While as adults we can appreciate such allure, we simply do not want to deal with the financial cost of cleaning or restoring the collateral damage caused by SuperDooper Man's epic battle. Still, no matter how prudent you are in limiting such damage, if you have kids... it is coming.

Your best remedy, should you awake one day to find your home is full of water as a result of such unrestrained collateral damage, is to hire an independent, professional water damage restoration company to return your home to its preloss condition. An independent, professional water damage restoration company can be counted on to accurately and honestly assess your damage and outline what needs to be done to fix the issues as quickly as possible resulting in both child and adult coming to see the independent restoration professional as a superhero knight that valiantly battles the water dragons and its associated vipers to protect the honor and wellbeing of the trapped homeowners.

Game on!

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