Carpet Cleaning is NOT Restoration

It is reasonable and financially prudent for a consumer to want to spend the least amount of money possible to achieve the maximum benefit. In this regard it is understandable why savvy consumers would make the unintentional mistake of hiring a carpet cleaner to remove the water as neither the consumer nor the industrious carpet cleaner are aware of the subtle complexities and onerous detail a professional water damage restoration project demands.

Let's face it. Anyone can remove water. All you need is a wet/dry shop vacuum, on the high end, or a straw, on the low end, and viola... the water is removed! Although, admittedly, most carpet cleaners would have equipment that is better suited for water extraction than a residential wet/dry vacuum. A high level carpet cleaner may also have dehumidifiers and fans but simply having such equipment does not mean that the well intentioned carpet cleaner is proficient in the use of such equipment or knows how to optimize deployment. For example, anyone can set up a computer system and press the power switch. Such a deployment may be useable but such set up is prone to a gaggle of information technology related risks ranging from malware through data integrity. A more prudent installation would be completed by someone with specialized information technology training who is experienced and knows how to prevent obstacles that a less informed and educated professional would not be aware of or know how to combat upon manifestation. Likewise, a carpet cleaner does NOT have the specialized education or ability to balance the atmosphere, calculate the moisture load, design and deploy a negative air drying chamber, or manipulate vapor pressure - processes and procedures that are common, everyday measures employed by professional water damage restoration companies.

Water damage restoration professionals employ such exotic tactics in the best interest of the customer to ensure the core of the structure is dry, prevent or reduce mold from establishing itself or spreading throughout your structure, and create optimal drying conditions. These considerations are well beyond the scope, understanding, or ability of even the most well intended carpet cleaner but are considerations that can manifest a severe negative financial and, potentially, health challenges if not addressed. Mold horror stories are common and easily accessible in a simple internet search but mold is NOT the only microbial consideration or concern that is common in a water damaged structure. Unfortunately, that list is extensive.

Only a professional, independent water damage restoration company has the specialized training and education to protect your health and financial interests from the repercussions of water damage. Some such water damage professionals even charge your insurance company directly so there may be little, or no, out of pockets expenses. In that light, it is obvious that the optimal fiduciarial decision is to use an independent, professional water damage restoration company for your water damage as the alternative can cost more and expose you to long term heath and financial challenges. Make the prudent decision.

This article is composed by and offered as a public service by Jimmy K.
Jimmy K is the Independent Owner and Operator of
Emergency Response Restoration
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