Hurricane Damage

The highly touted common wisdom that lightening does not strike the same place twice has officially been debunked by Hurricane Isaac as it hit New Orleans seven years to the day of Hurricane Katrina. While Isaac does not seem to be as thoroughly devastating as Katrina, the torrential flooding it has dumped on the still recovering area is something no fortune teller could have predicted.

One could almost argue that Isaac had a vendetta for New Orleans based on its path around Florida and then strengthening as soon as it put New Orleans in its sights. The reports of people being in neck deep water in the streets, small ponds being turned in to a virtual homage to the Great Lakes, and officials strategically breaching the infamous levees to reduce the load and limit the potential destruction is something no one should have to endure... especially not twice.

How then does one prepare to protect one's assets from an approaching hurricane?
  • One of the best ways to protect your assets and your family from an approaching hurricane is to have an emergency plan. Make a plan and brief your family on what you want to take, where you will go, and with whom you will stay should you be required to evacuate. Likewise, you need to have a predetermined meeting location established should you and your loved one be separated for any reason.

  • Cell phones can be helpful for staying in touch but will be of little value should the surrounding cell area be knocked out so it is wise and prudent to have inexpensive long range hand held radios on hand and charged. While these two way radios can have their 35 mile range compromised by radio traffic, topography, and atmospheric conditions, for $50, they may be your lifeline when all other forms of communication fail.

  • While it may seem to be an ineffective and time wasting activity when compared to the ongoing flooding caused by Isaac, boarding your windows is still an effective means at protecting the contents of your home from be bombarded with shards of glass. While no current siding, hurricane shutters, or boarding will protect your asset from such flooding, it may be the only thing that protects your asset should you be spared the flood.

  • Have a plan for your pets and animals. Plan ahead to have a place for your pets and animals to go as animal shelter space may be limited and temporary housing may not allow pets.
Our hearts go out to those souls whose lives are offset by Isaac. While these words may come too late for the residents of New Orleans, perhaps these words will be of value to the next community to face the relentless onslaught of a hurricane.

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