Ice Maker Water Line Water Damage

It seems innocent enough and most homeowners do not give it a second thought until something happens… either there is no ice in the tray or there is water pooling on the floor from an unknown source but in both cases the culprit is a compromise in the water line leading to the ice maker.

Homeowners who have suffered water damage from an ice maker water line will attest to the veracity of this seemingly inconspicuous water damage source. One would think that the potential damage such a small water line can cause would be miniscule but the fact remains that there are two main types of compromise… a slow leak and a steady spray. Of the two, the former is the most concerning as the slow leak could have been leaking for some time converting your clean and sanitary kitchen in to a potential health hazard that is ideal for microbial growth while promoting catastrophic structural damage to its immediate area whereas the steady spray would be addressed, one would expect, much sooner as it is, generally, easier to see. Of course, should such a breach occur when the homeowner is gone for an extended period of time, the devastation realized from a steady spray can be formidable and systemic.

In either case, it is common for the well intentioned homeowner to underestimate the scope of the damage and the inherent health risks of removing potentially hazardous water and attempt to tackle the water damage cleanup themselves. Such honorable do-it-yourself (“DIY”) mentality is, undoubtedly, the bedrock of the American psyche but, in some cases, what you do not know can hurt you and water damage restoration is such a case. While almost anyone can go to an equipment rental place and get equipment to remove the water, it is likely the rental equipment is less than stellar in its upkeep and, even if maintained to specs, may not perform to the same level as a professional’s equipment even when the rental equipment was brand new. Further complicating the DIY’s success is the DIY homeowner most likely does not know the industry dry standard for their area so it is likely that they will end their DIY restoration when the area “feels dry” thus, unknowingly and innocently, leaving water trapped within their walls and creating potentially prime areas for microbial growth.

It is best to leave the water damage restoration to the professionals.

Only an independent water damage restoration company has the professional education and equipment to restore your asset to its preloss condition and to industry professional specifications and guidelines. Such specifications and guidelines are industry “Best Practices” that have been shown, when employed by a certified professional, to create a best-case restoration scenario which is in the best interest of the consumer’s health and the longevity and usability of the restored asset.

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