Using a Dehumidifier to Prevent or Correct Moisture Damage

It’s not only for the sake of your building that you really need to keep tabs on moisture levels – a living or working space that’s too moist has the potential to lead to some serious health complaints. Which is why investing in a dehumidifier is the best way to arrest the moisture levels from going too high. Moisture damage can be minor or extensive, but in any and all cases it will blossom into something far more severe if not addressed quickly. This is something that can be done with a dehumidifier; these devices have the potential to save you a small fortune in building repairs, while at the same time caring for your health. So with this in mind, how can you find out whether you, your family and your home could benefit from the purchase of a dehumidifier?

Condensation on Windows and Doors
It is sometimes impossible to avoid a certain amount of condensation on windows and doors---especially during winter months when it is cold outside and warm indoors. However, when condensation is present most of the year or seems to be in any way excessive, this is a sure-fire sign that there is too much moisture in the air. This is the kind of moisture that can lead to rotting of window frames, discoloration appearing in corners and severe structural damage over the longer term. Be sure to place your dehumidifier in any areas where condensation seems to be heaviest.

Dark Spots or Signs of Mold on Walls or Ceilings
It’s important to keep an eye on what’s happening above you as steam and moist, warm air in general rises. What this means is that in areas where steam and moisture are particularly heavy, the moisture can build up around the ceilings--- especially in corners, eventually leading to mold and mildew that can cause serious problems if left untreated. Worse still, chances are the mold you can see represents only the tiniest bit of the problem you’re facing.

Musty Odors
Everyone knows that musty smell that signifies a damp room. In some place this isn’t the end of the world, but around the home any smells that indicate there could be mold must be taken very seriously. Mold can be caused by so many things--- ranging from faulty windows seals to leaking. A dehumidifier will help keep excessive moisture at bay and prevent further damage where possible.

Recurrent Respiratory Irritation
And finally, this is something that must be checked out. There’s always a chance that a home that’s too humid could be the cause of long-standing respiratory complaints. From the gentlest of coughs to full-blown tight chests and right through to any number of allergies, if it’s the humidity levels in the home that are causing the problems, no amount of conventional medicine in the world will help you out. By contrast, a simple and inexpensive dehumidifier could be just the ticket for restoring exceptional health to anyone affected by the overly moist air. Of course, a dehumidifier cannot be thought of as a quick-fix solution to the more serious moisture-related problems around the home, but is nevertheless an essential tool for maintaining balance. The majority of homes these days are prone to excessive moisture and, given the relief and protection they can offer, dehumidifiers are often worth their weight in gold.

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